Atmel Introduces New BCDMOS Driver Interface IC with Improved Performance Dedicated for 40-V Automotive Applications

10/22/2002 - Atmel® announced the availability of a new BCDMOS driver interface IC with improved performance features. The new ATA6822 is manufactured using Atmel's 0.8-micron BCDMOS process to support operations up to 40 Volts. This technology is optimized for applications in harsh environments. The new device is designed for motor control applications such as DC motor control in H-bridge configurations.

The new ATA6822 is based on Atmel's well-known U6815BM driver IC. It includes 4 push-pull output stages, a charge pump, overvoltage as well as overtemperature protection and a control logic to communicate with a microcontroller. This communication is very simple, as two logic inputs define source or sink mode of the output stages. The output stages (each capable of 1.7 A typically) are internally designed as half bridges with two output pins to connect the load(s). An enable signal sets the ATA6822 to current-saving standby mode with a current as low as only 5 microamperes (maximum).

Compared with conventional driver interface ICs, this new device provides several technical improvements. For example, the output pins are able to withstand DC voltages up to 40 V, whereas competitive devices only reach up to 28 V. This helps to save external protection components. The device's on-resistance is as low as 2 Ohms for lower power dissipation and a less complicated heat sink assembly. Higher operational current is achieved through a minimum current limitation of 1.3 A. Oscillations can be avoided thanks to the 0.5 V overvoltage hysteresis. A minimized delay time of up to 12 microseconds makes the device well-suited for applications where a fast reaction time is mandatory. As with all Atmel BCDMOS driver ICs, the ATA6822 provides full circuit protection. Short-circuit conditions at the outputs are detected and the current is limited to a typical value of 1.7 A. In case of overtemperature or overvoltage, the outputs are switched off and the diagnostic output is activated. The device also meets the strict automotive qualification demands (protection against conducted interference, EMC and 2-kV ESD protection) and can withstand transients according to ISO/TR 7637/1.

The ATA6822 comes in an SO20 package, which supports the device's heat transfer with 4 fused leads on both sides. On the printed circuit board layout, large copper traces to these pins are recommended with a connection to an appropriate heat sink such as a metal case.

Samples of the new BCDMOS driver interface IC ATA6822 in SO20 package are available now. Pricing starts at US$ 0.90 (10 k).

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