Accelent Systems Introduces Embedded Schema Development Suite

10/21/2002 - Accelent Systems, a leading enabler of embedded devices and Gold-level member of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program, introduced Schema Development Suite. Schema Development Suite streamlines the traditional software development process of writing and editing source code (device drivers, bootloader, OAL and utilities) by providing the code libraries, tools and hardware platforms to quickly and easily configure customized system software images for a specific embedded device, which helps, bring a device to market in weeks rather than months.

Schema Development Suite is comprised of three distinct pieces: DeviceWare, CoreLinx, and CompWare. Prior to the Schema product launch, DeviceWare and CoreLinx, described below, were used internally to enable many leading devices in the market, including Toshiba’s e310 and e740 Pocket PC, AboCom Systems’ X-Pilot web pad and Hitachi’s NPD-10JWL PDA.

DeviceWare - An extensive library of software supporting many of the hardware components commonly used in embedded systems, DeviceWare, is at the heart of the Schema Development Suite. It provides Configurable Source Code, which means engineers, can focus efforts on hardware dependencies, rather than on re-engineering the OAL, device drivers and bootloader.

CoreLinx - A highly efficient customization and image building tool, CoreLinx, provides the technologies to produce a unique software image for a specific embedded device. CoreLinx’s Integrated Development Environment (IDE) manages platform configuration, DeviceWare and Microsoft’s development environment.

CompWare - To jumpstart the device’s design, Accelent offers CompWare, a collection of hardware reference material. By using CompWare it can significantly reduce the time required to develop hardware designs.

By having abstracted the hardware dependencies from the DeviceWare modules, the Schema Development Suite is operating system and processor independent within the ARM family of processors. While currently supporting the following processors and operating systems, others will be released in the near future.

Operating Systems


"We have become an industry leader by providing the developer community with the most technically advanced software and hardware solutions to enable their designs," said Albert McCabe, EVP of Sales and Marketing for Accelent Systems. "The Schema Development Suite exemplifies this strategy by offering proven code libraries, tools and hardware platforms to allow developers to build their own embedded devices with our advanced software and hardware technologies as a foundation."

Mr. McCabe continued by saying, "The Schema Development Suite is ideal for those customers wanting to develop multiple embedded devices over a period of time. Operating systems, processors and communications technologies evolve rapidly. With updates to the DeviceWare library within Schema, we offer a reliable, cost-effective solution for incorporating these successive technologies to keep our customers products on the leading edge of the technology curve."

About Accelent Systems
As a leading enabler of embedded devices and Gold-level member of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program, Accelent Systems provides proven solutions for rapidly developing robust Microsoft Windows CE, Pocket PC, SmartPhone, Linux and ARM processor based products. With its solution of system software, development platforms and professional services, Accelent provides its customers with a means to expedite time-to-market at less cost and risk than traditional development methods.

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