Lantronix Launches 30-Minute Challenge Program to Demonstrate Network Connectivity

10/17/2002 - In an effort to demonstrate the ease and speed with which network connectivity can be added to a product or device, Lantronix® announced its 30-Minute Challenge Program, whereby the company's representatives or authorized manufacturing representatives will provide an onsite demonstration using Lantronix solutions to add networking capabilities to a product in less than half an hour. The primary target for the program is manufacturers whose products have serial ports, especially ones who have added or are planning to add network connectivity to their products.

According to Geoff Boyce, executive vice president of marketing at Lantronix, the only prerequisites to participate in the program are that the product must have a serial port and the product's manufacturer must be able to demonstrate how its application works with a PC. "We have found that, once our customers see how easy it is to add network connectivity, they become very receptive to our products and — more important — the value of networking their products," said Boyce. "What really sells the concept of the 30-Minute Challenge is that we have a 100% success rate in connecting a customer's product to a network inside the half-an-hour timeframe. On average, it only takes a few minutes to conduct the challenge, meaning we never miss an opportunity to demonstrate the strength of our technology."

The idea for the 30-Minute Challenge sprung from the fact that Lantronix' field application engineers on sales calls would frequently find themselves connecting a product for a sales prospect in a matter of minutes. "Lantronix has always known that it has strong technology that is easy to deploy. Demonstrating the ease and speed of network-enabling is a regular part of our sales process," said Boyce. "We merely formalized the program for ourselves and our manufacturing representatives."

The real value of the 30-Minute Challenge Program is demonstrating the migration path of Lantronix' overall product suite. As a leading provider of network connectivity solutions, Lantronix manufactures external device servers, internal board-level products and chip sets to network-enable a wide range of products from legacy devices to new ones that are currently in development. Because the same technology that is employed for Lantronix' embedded solutions resides in the company's external device servers, the 30-Minute Challenge highlights both the external and internal solutions at the same time.

"As more manufacturers realize the importance of network connectivity, they want to offer bundled or add-on external device servers from Lantronix that will network-enable their current products," said Boyce. "To address future products in development, these manufacturers then want an embedded solution that can be easily integrated into their product designs."

30-Minute Challenge Toolkit
An important channel for Lantronix' technology is manufacturing representatives, who are engaged to assist their clients in the design and production of their products. Lantronix offers a 30-Minute Challenge Toolkit that is designed to provide everything necessary — cables, adapters, external modules and documentation — to perform a network-enabling demonstration for their clients' products. In addition, a complete component description, reorder numbers and Lantronix technical support contacts are provided.

"In response to rising customer demand for network connectivity, many manufacturers are realizing the need to network-enable their products, and they are turning to manufacturing reps to help them with their product modifications," said Boyce. "We wanted to give our value-added reps an all-in-one kit that will help them demonstrate how easy and fast it is to add network connectivity using our products."

Take the 30-Minute Challenge
Anyone who is interested in learning more about the 30-Minute Challenge to network-enable products in less than half an hour should contact Lantronix at 800-526-8764.

About Lantronix
Lantronix, Inc. (Nasdaq: LTRX) is a provider of hardware and software solutions ranging from systems that allow users to remotely manage network infrastructure equipment to technologies that network-enable devices and appliances. Lantronix was established in 1989, and its worldwide headquarters are in Irvine, Calif.

Lantronix is a registered trademark of Lantronix, Inc.

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