Compuware Helps Anexsys Boost Application Productivity by 30 Percent

10/16/2002 - Compuware announced that Anexsys has selected automated software quality solutions and professional services from Compuware to ensure the quality and availability of web-based applications. Anexsys, whose systems have handled 32 million government transactions with payments totaling $950 billion, chose Compuware QACenter solutions and professional services to automate testing and ensure that applications work as expected under any amount of user activity. With QACenter, Anexsys achieved a 30 percent increase in application testing productivity.

"At Anexsys, we help the government transact electronically, handling large volumes of complex application data, and we need to have the confidence that our applications work right the first time," said Mike Baldwin, Director of Systems Quality, Anexsys. "The depth and breadth of Compuware’s coordinated products and services is key. Because of this, we’re now able to handle all of our application testing challenges faster and better, and Compuware was very cost competitive, further increasing the ROI factor."

Anexsys, a joint venture between Bank One and U.S. Bank, designs, builds and maintains multi-channel delivery systems to help government entities at the federal, state and local levels serve their constituents. The company has developed unique expertise in providing mission-critical services for high volume, secure government initiatives. Anexsys relied on Compuware to ensure application quality for the online payment of taxes to the IRS and for other online government initiatives. As the government or any large organization increases its automated collection and storage of information, a repeatable, reliable testing system is the only way to efficiently and effectively manage application quality assurance. Compuware delivered people, processes and products to Anexsys, giving it the application confidence it needed and ROI it wanted.

In addition to Compuware professional services, Anexsys purchased QACenter Performance Edition and QACenter Enterprise Edition, providing test management, data management, functional testing and load testing results to help it produce quality applications faster. Anexsys needed to know that its applications developed in-house worked well for one user and that they scaled well, handling the system load of many users.

"Compuware’s ability to ensure application quality helps Anexsys achieve its business objectives," said Steve Scheidt, Senior Vice President, Compuware Corporation. "When handling vast amounts of government data, mistakes are simply not an option. Compuware’s one-company, unified approach to delivering software and services provides the confidence that Anexsys needs."

Anexsys, LLC, a joint venture between Bank One and US Bancorp, is a leading provider of e-government solutions. Anexsys was created in 1995 to assist the United States Treasury in the development and operation of the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS). Today, Anexsys is reshaping the public sector by helping federal and state government provide more effective and efficient service to their constituents. It has a proven track record of designing, building and operating integrated Internet applications, voice-response systems, call centers and other large-scale information, payment and customer-care solutions. Clients using its solutions include the states of Idaho, Kentucky, Michigan, Washington and Wisconsin, as well as federal agencies such as the Departments of Treasury, Health and Human Services and Education. For more information on Anexsys call (312) 441-9080.

Compuware Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company, provides business value through software and professional services that optimize productivity and reduce costs across the application life cycle. Meeting the rapidly changing needs of businesses of all sizes, Compuware’s market-leading solutions improve the quality, ease the integration and enhance the performance of distributed, e-business and enterprise software. For more information about Compuware, please contact the corporate offices at 800-521-9353.

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