Wasabi Ports Embedded NetBSD Operating System to the SuperH SH-5 64-Bit Processor

10/15/2002 - Wasabi Systems, the leading provider of embedded BSD products and services, announced completion of a port of NetBSD to the 64-bit SH-5 processor from SuperH, on the Cayman Development System. NetBSD is the first commercially available operating system to run on the SH-5 platform. "We're very impressed with the speed of Wasabi's porting efforts," said Jon Frosdick, Director of Software Engineering at SuperH, Inc. "NetBSD's scalability and rich Unix functionality make it an attractive choice for our mutual customers."

Ideally suited for system-on-chip (SOC) designs and embedded applications, the SH-5 provides a feature-rich platform for designers developing set-top boxes, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), networking and telephony applications, multimedia appliances and car infotainment systems. NetBSD, the world's most portable operating system, is widely used in embedded devices, and can greatly reduce time to market for OEMs using the SH-5 in their appliances.

"With its 64-bit SIMD architecture and SHmedia instruction set, the SH-5 is well-positioned to be a CPU of choice for next-generation multimedia devices," said Alistair Crooks, Wasabi's Director of Engineering. "We look forward to working with SuperH Licensees to realize their next-generation visions."

In conjunction with its porting efforts, Wasabi Systems became a Founding Member of the SuperH Partner Program in June. The SuperH Partner Program provides a complete spectrum of support and services to SuperH Licensees.

About Wasabi Systems
Wasabi Systems Inc. is the commercial source for NetBSD, an advanced operating system derived from BSD Unix. NetBSD's small-footprint, full-featured Unix environment runs on the widest range of hardware platforms of any operating system, enabling embedded OEMs to get to market faster than any other operating system. It is widely used in Internet infrastructure, storage, and wireless devices. Wasabi Systems is a privately held company funded by venture investors including Intel Capital, Himalaya Capital, and Newlight Associates.

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