Magma's Integrated RTL-to-GDSII System Adopted by Xellink Communications for High-Speed, High-Capacity Networking Chips

10/15/2002 - Magma® Design Automation, a provider of integrated chip design solutions, announced that Xellink Communications, an aggressive startup in the converged networking market, has licensed the Blast Chip® RTL-to-GDSII integrated circuit (IC) implementation system. Xellink will use Blast Chip to implement a converged IP ATM, high-speed, high-capacity System on Chip (SoC), switch fabrics and port controllers.

Xellink selected Magma software after evaluating Blast Chip against all available RTL-to-GDSII solutions including Synopsys and Cadence tool flows. With its high-capacity RTL synthesis and advanced physical design capabilities, Blast Chip was able to deliver nearly 30 percent faster timing than the competitors.

"I chose the best software for this project," said Marv Bush, managing director of Ovo Technology Partners and a board member of Xellink. The former vice president at Cadence and an expert on IC design technology went on to say, "Magma's Blast Chip won the evaluation hands down. Not only does it deliver better, more reliable results and faster turnaround time, as a single executable with a unified data model architecture, it's much easier to adopt and use than a point-tool flow."

"We're very pleased Xellink Communications is leveraging Magma's integrated, easy-to-use RTL-to-GDSII system to deliver IP and ATM solutions that meet the price, performance and feature set requirements of the networking market," said Mike Ingster, vice president of Magma sales, North America-West.

About Xellink Communications
Privately funded, Xellink Core and Access Switching products transform the Core with QoS, reliability, and scalability, connecting countries, cities and large organizations with high-speed internet protocol (IP) armed ATM switches and access aggregation. Xellink's City ConnectTM is the industry's first lower-cost multi-Terabit system that converges existing IP/ATM services with complete system redundancy, providing next generation services for significantly less CapEx and OpEx. Xellink is in Santa Clara, Calif.

About Magma Design Automation
Magma software products enable chip designers to reduce the time required to design and produce complex integrated circuits in the communications, computing, consumer electronics, networking and semiconductor industries. Magma provides a single executable for RTL-to-GDSII chip design. The company's products, Blast FusionTM, Blast Chip®, Blast PlanTM, Blast Noise® and Blast PrototypeTM utilize Magma's proprietary FixedTiming® methodology and single data model architecture to reduce the timing-closure iterations often required between the logic and physical processes in conventional IC design flows. Magma's Diamond SITM also leverages the single data model architecture to provide an integrated, standalone platform for post-layout, sign-off-quality signal integrity verification.

Magma maintains headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., as well as sales and support facilities in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, Calif.; Boston, Mass.; Durham, N.C.; Austin and Dallas, Texas; Newcastle, Wash.; and in Germany, Israel, Japan, Korea, The Netherlands, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Magma, Blast Chip, Blast Noise and FixedTiming are registered trademarks and Blast Fusion, Blast Plan and Diamond SI are trademarks of Magma Design Automation.

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