Compuware Improves Network ROI by Tuning-up Application Performance

10/15/2002 - Compuware announced a set of enhancements to its Vantage application performance management suite that bolster customer ROI. Network managers can realize additional IT cost savings by addressing the performance management requirements of a broader array of applications operating on increasingly expensive and complex networks.

NetworkVantage now offers IT professionals the discovery of instant messaging traffic, network security breach analysis and support for multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) for faster traffic routing. Designed for managing network applications, NetworkVantage operates on Windows XP Professional, 2000 and NT.

"Compuware's Vantage suite has provided FBL Financial Group with an excellent ROI," said Todd Birkenholtz, Network Services Analyst, FBL. "We had used a telco service in the past that provided network WAN reports. We were paying hundreds of dollars monthly. With NetworkVantage, we not only saved the monthly service fee, but also now have even greater visibility into our WAN usage. The combination of better performance and application availability at lower costs is of great value."

Instant Messaging
Discovery As the popularity of Instant Messaging (IM) grows, some enterprises see it as an effective means of communication that reduces the load on e-mail systems. However, there are also concerns that it is a pervasive application than can open security holes, or add undue loads to expensive WAN links, ultimately causing delays to strategic applications and impacting an organization’s ROI.

NetworkVantage supports both views by enabling network managers to manage the impact of IM through identifying both ends of the conversation and the amount of traffic IM generates. NetworkVantage reports on traffic from IM vendors such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo and IBM. In addition, to help enterprises understand the impact of other high-bandwidth traffic, NetworkVantage also discovers traffic moved over the Internet by KaZaA, the most widely used purveyor of peer-to-peer file sharing on the Internet.

"In uncertain economic environments, network infrastructure is increasingly viewed as a strategic business expense that impact the very operation of organizations. If organizations are to control costs and meet service level agreements, it is important to know that business-critical performance is not being hampered by non-business traffic," said Richard L. Ptak, President, Ptak & Associates.

MPLS Support
Telecommunications providers are increasingly offering MPLS-based WANs to provide improved quality of service for less cost. As these networks extend to more enterprises, it is important to prove their worth and validate that they deliver against SLA goals for throughput and performance. NetworkVantage adds the capability to analyze and monitor application traffic transported by MPLS.

Network Security Breach Analysis Support
As organizations tighten up security on their networks and tune traffic flows, they need to know when unplanned applications are traversing the network and determine when these applications were launched and by whom. Alarms on the presence of user-specified applications, supplemented by NetworkVantage’s historical collection of traffic data, assist network security professionals in their analysis of security breaches. These breaches are characterized by showing when unwanted traffic occurred, the source and destination of the offending traffic, and how much data was moved.

"For profitability and competitive reasons, IT professionals are squeezing every last drop of performance from their infrastructure and applications," said Lloyd Bloom, NetworkVantage Product Manager, Compuware Corporation. "To be successful at managing the costs of these networks, managers need to know that their networks are being used for legitimate, business-critical purposes. NetworkVantage delivers that knowledge while it monitors the performance of each individual application on the network."

Availability and Pricing
NetworkVantage is available immediately and priced beginning at $26,500 (US).

Compuware Corporation, a multi-billion dollar company, provides business value through software and professional services that optimize productivity and reduce costs across the application life cycle. Meeting the rapidly changing needs of businesses of all sizes, Compuware’s market-leading solutions improve the quality, ease the integration and enhance the performance of distributed, e-business and enterprise software. For more information about Compuware, please contact the corporate offices at 800-521-9353.

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