Nickelback Designer Displays

10/14/2002 - A revolutionary new display combining a nickel coloured background with an LCD face has been developed by Densitron Technologies plc, the leaders in flat screen display technology.

Called Nickelback, the new display complements Densitronís highly successful Silverback display and gives manufacturers the opportunity to keep up with the latest design trends by incorporating stylish nickel as a background colour to their handheld device screens.

The product is incredibly versatile and can be tailored to fit any screen size. The display offers more than 50% increase in reflection through a high contrast, super-reflective film that improves readability in both natural and artificial ambient light conditions. A cleaner, smoother appearance is created in the display view area through the use of high-grade adhesives that do not increase the thickness of the screen.

Nick How, Technical Director for Densitron Europe Ltd, believes Nickelback will have strong appeal to the handheld, marine, automation, consumer and instrumentation manufacturing markets. "Nickelback is being targeted at cool, lifestyle brands and high end audio product manufacturers to use in hand held devices like remote controls because of its unique nickel background colour and improved readability," he says.

"The product is being developed to offer different coloured backgrounds and trials are underway to produce a similar display incorporating background colours for hi-duty FSTN like palm computer displays," says How.

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