It's Easy with eZdsp from Kane Computing

10/14/2002 - Kane Computing is now shipping the Spectrum Digital F2812 eZdsp, a standalone development platform that lets developers examine and understand the operational characteristics of the Texas Instruments TMS320F2812 digital signal processor (DSP).

The F2812 eZdsp board includes a 120MHz TMX320F2812 DSP, 65K words on board RAM and expansion connectors. An on-board parallel port to JTAG scan controller chip allows the module to be used without the need for an external emulator. A specific F2812 eZdsp version of Code Composer Studio is also included providing a complete solution for developing and evaluating software for the F2812 processor.

The C28x generation of fixed-point DSPs are the industry’s first 32-bit control DSPs with on-board Flash memory and performance up to 150MIPs. They provide an optimised DSP solution for digital control systems and motor control applications. On-chip peripherals include; 167MSPS, 12-bit ADC, serial communications interface (SCI), serial peripheral interface (SPI), 2 event managers, enhanced CAN module and McBSP.

Applications include industrial automation, consumer goods and automobile industry.

The F2812 eZdsp is available now priced at around £250.

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