Fujitsu Drives Down the Cost of Bandwidth with 33% More Span Distance

10/11/2002 - As part of an ongoing commitment to help carriers drive down the cost of delivering bandwidth, Fujitsu Network Communications announced the latest release of the FLASHWAVE 7700 ultra long haul Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) platform. The FLASHWAVE 7700 platform is now capable of transmitting 40 full-duplex 10 Gbps channels 2000 kilometers without regeneration. This 33% distance increase further reduces the cost per bit of optical transport by augmenting the previous FLASHWAVE 7700 releases, which offered ultra high capacity (1.76 Tbps at 600 km) and extended long haul (800 Gbps at 1500 km).

Completely interoperable with previous releases, the FLASHWAVE 7700 platform allows for simple network growth for the embedded DWDM base. By employing this single platform, carriers can greatly reduce both network complexity and sparing costs with the capability to select per section of the network from the numerous ‘bandwidth to distance’ options that best fit the required span.

The latest release of the FLASHWAVE 7700 platform incorporates the same total cost of ownership advantages, including a small footprint and low power consumption (3.52 watts per gigabit) to reduce the operation overhead and maximize return on investment. Additionally, the only commercially available tunable lasers reduce the carrier’s sparing cost by greater than 80 percent and allow the entire system to transport revenue-generating traffic.

Self-Tuning Network features deliver several productivity and operational advantages, including the ability to quickly turn up a new network span, support multiple disparate services and provision new services. Self- Tuning Network capabilities mean the FLASHWAVE 7700 platform can retune all wavelengths automatically when new wavelengths are added, thus optimizing network performance and reducing valuable service-provisioning time, manpower and maintenance cost. These advantages reduce overhead costs and allow service provides to bring their network online more quickly, resulting in fast revenue-generation – a key requirement in today’s competitive market.

"The latest FLASHWAVE 7700 release is a direct response to feedback from our customers," says Stephen Carlton, vice president of photonic product marketing for Fujitsu Network Communications. "The market downturn continues to affect the size of the optical backbone. The previous demand for large pipes has now taken a back seat to the need to remove optical regeneration sites and their associated cost. We are confident the latest release of the FLASHWAVE 7700 platform will not only reduce deployment cost but will also lower operational expenses with its Self Tuning Network features and industry-leading 22-lambda tunable lasers."

The FLASHWAVE 7000 product family delivers access, metro, long haul and ultra long haul DWDM solutions.

About Fujitsu Network Communications
Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc. delivers next-generation optical transport and photonics solutions optimized for metropolitan, regional, long haul and ultra long haul, high capacity applications. The company’s comprehensive consulting and network services offer support at any network development, deployment and maintenance stage. The company is the leading optical transport equipment vendor in the metro market and has increased its share in the long haul market. Fujitsu Network Communications is a division of Fujitsu Limited (TSE: 6702), a provider of comprehensive IT and networking solutions for the global marketplace.

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