Anritsu Company Introduces Microwave Site Master Analyzers

10/11/2002 - Anritsu's Microwave Measurement Division introduces the S810C and S820C Microwave Site Master models that provide the most accurate and convenient method for installing, verifying, troubleshooting, and repairing microwave communication systems operating up to 20 GHz. The S810C covering 3.3-10 GHz and S820C covering 3.3-20 GHz give microwave site installers, point-to-point operators, point-to-multipoint operators, radio manufacturers, Cellular/PCS/3G operators, utility companies, and private/public network operators unprecedented performance when analyzing microwave transmission line and antenna systems.

Utilizing vector error correction, the S810C and S820C provide improved measurement quality and convenience compared to traditional scalar techniques. The analyzers also have an extremely high immunity to live site RF interference that allows users to conduct highly accurate measurements of active sites, including co-location sites.

Both the S810C and S820C deliver accurate, reliable, and repeatable Return Loss/SWR and Fault Location measurements. The Microwave Site Masters have a return loss range of 0 to 54 dB with 0.01 dB resolution and 517 data point display resolution to locate long-range problems. A full range of marker and limit functions is also designed into the analyzers to facilitate quick and comprehensive measurements.

To make waveguide measurements, the S810C and S820C use a small coaxial-to-waveguide adapter rather than a bulky coupler. Site Master's waveguide calibration components are built with precision alignment pins that mate the companion coaxial-to-waveguide adapters to ensure proper waveguide alignment. Further, the analyzers have a clearly defined user interface for coaxial cable and waveguide media, as well as pop up menus providing both standard and custom cable or waveguide lists.

The S810C and S820C easily analyze antenna system performance, trends, and problems in the field; And with separate powerful Windows-based data analysis software (included with each Site Master), users can easily analyze the antenna system performance, trends, and problems in their PC. With this software, measurement traces can be uploaded and downloaded between the PC and the S810C and S820C via a single menu selection. The trace data can then be used for comparison to historical performance to evaluate trends so minor problems can be corrected before they become costly system failures. A Waveguide and Cable Editor feature is part of the software so that custom waveguide and cable parameters can be easily download into the Microwave Site Masters.

Complementing the high-end performance of the S810C and S820C are their ease-of-use and compact housing. The Microwave Site Masters' menu driven interface requires little training and simplifies deployment, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the microwave transmission lines. Additionally, the user interface is multilingual, allowing screen images and messages to be displayed on the large high-resolution display in any of seven languages; English, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German. As many as ten test set-ups can be stored for fast repeatable testing, and up to 200 measurement traces can be stored in a nonvolatile memory. All of this capability has been designed in a package weighing four pounds and measuring 10x7x2.4 inches.

Delivery is 4 to 6 weeks.

About Anritsu Company
Founded more than a century ago, Anritsu Corporation is one of the world's largest providers of technology solutions, employing 5,000 professionals in 18 countries. Named one of Business Week's InfoTech 100 top information companies, Anritsu has three divisions that address telecommunications test and measurement instruments, telecommunications components and devices, and test and measurement instruments. Anritsu Corporation is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The Measurement Solutions group provides tools for the analysis of wired and wireless technologies, including fiber, microwaves/RF, optical, and digital mobile radio. Anritsu's North and South American sales operations are located in Richardson, TX. Anritsu Company, a subsidiary of Anritsu Corporation in based in Morgan Hill, CA.

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