CompactPCI Computer with Legacy Support

10/10/2002 - The CP304 CPU Board introduced by Kontron at the start of this year is now receiving legacy support with the advantage that the mouse and keyboard can be directly connected to the front via PS/2 and there is a standard floppy connection to simplify migration. On the CP304 Kontron uses the 82815-BO (GMCH) chip set together with the new communication I/O controller hub (CICH/8281OE) from Intel, enabling the company to achieve the required high integration on the single-height board. Kontron caters for the lack of Super I/O with legacy support by using an additional module to which the user can optionally add a CompactFlash, an HDD microdrive up to 1 GByte or a 2.5 inch HDD.

The CP304 goes even further than the other members of the 300 family towards fulfilling the customer demands for the most flexible selection possible for computing power and memory capacity. Consequently, the CP304 is fitted with a processor socket which supports the implementation of all Intel® Pentium® III processors in the FC-PGA and FC-PGA2 housings - from Celeron with 566 MHz and 128 KB L2 cache, through the Intel® Pentium® III with 256 KB to the latest Intel® Pentium® III-S processor with 512 KB. The synchronous DRAM memory (max. 512 MB) operates at 133 MHz and is accommodated in a SODIMM socket. The clock rate of 1.26 GHz will become established for availability over the long term, whereby the clock rate though will probably be developed up to 1.53 GHz.

But it is not just the high and flexible computing power which makes the CompactPCI computer an ideal candidate for integration into machine controllers. There is also the pronounced "communication capabilities" of the new product which are proven with two Ethernet channels, 2 USB connections, 2 COM interfaces and the VGA-CRT or DVI plug connection.

The single-height CP304 CompactPCI Computer with legacy support is available from October 2002.

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