Campus Benefits from Advanced Thin Client Sun Ray Architecture backed by Extreme's High-Performance Ethernet Switching

10/9/2002 - Sun Microsystems and Extreme Networks are delivering a highly innovative and simplified computing infrastructure to connect users and desktop applications at Ohlone College. The Ohlone infrastructure supports more than 10,000 students and 400 faculty members. Sun and Extreme Networks are delivering better performance, enhanced security, and greater uptime based on the Sun Ray architecture and Extreme Networks' multi-layer Ethernet switching solutions. The combined solution is expected to help reduce total cost of ownership by up to 30% over a PC environment by reducing administration and improving productivity.

Ohlone, located in Northern California's East Bay, selected the Sun Ray architecture with Extreme Networks' high performance Gigabit Ethernet switching solutions as the primary components of its new campus network. The solution allows Ohlone to keep up with the pace of emerging multimedia applications, communications and daily operations that touch finance, enrollment and human resources. Additionally, it provides advanced network level security to protect the privacy of students and faculty. These features, along with superior solution design, are expected to deliver significant improvements to the way that systems are managed, maintained and upgraded.

"When evaluating the options presented to us for the upgrade of our campus IT systems, the choice was easy with the clear benefits that Sun's thin-client computing architecture combined with Extreme Networks' Ethernet network delivers," said Douglass Burns, IT Director for Ohlone College. "Not only was the solution priced competitively, it is consistent, simple to manage and easy to upgrade. We are not buried with individual system and device problems. Best of all, our students have a smooth and consistent experience regardless of which terminal they choose to work from."

The solution is designed to be highly cost-effective when compared to traditional computing and network infrastructures. The Sun Ray architecture is comprised of Sun Ray thin clients, Extreme Networks' Ethernet switching systems and Sun servers. By moving resources to a central location on the network and removing complexity a much more flexible and easy-to-maintain environment is achieved. Sun Ray thin clients are stateless devices, meaning that the applications, operating system, and data all reside on the server. The architecture enables system administrators to maintain and upgrade the system and applications at the server level, eliminating time consuming maintainance on individual desktops.

Complementing the Sun Ray architecture with a foundation of broadband switching connectivity is Extreme Networks' Ethernet networking solutions. Extreme Networks contributes to an easy to manage environment by delivering switching systems that feature a single and consistent management platform, ExtremeWare. Extreme Networks' BlackDiamondR modular switch serves the bandwidth needs at the core of the network delivering dependable performance for applications within the campus environment. Extreme's Network Login feature, packaged with ExtremeWare, delivers radius-based network level security prohibiting concealed password searching and system breaches.

"The innovative technology of the Sun Ray architecture is an excellent fit for higher education, providing students with a new way to learn and keep pace with changing technologies," said Mason Uyeda, product line manager, Sun Microsystems. "Simplifying the process of integrating technology into everyday teaching methods, Sun Ray thin clients provide teachers and staff with a new teaching tool, and provide students access to a wealth of new resources to expand learning beyond classroom walls. The benefits can be significant-our estimates are that customers can reduce total cost of ownership by 30% over a PC environment while at the same time improving security and offering an improved user experience."

"Extreme Networks is working with Sun Microsystems at Ohlone College to meet our goal of providing simplified network infrastructures that perform well in every aspect," said Duncan Potter, vice president of marketing for Extreme Networks. "Customers are witnessing how this new generation of solutions from Sun and Extreme Networks put their needs first, and improve the network experience through quality and innovative design."

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Sun Microsystems in Education
Sun is a leading provider of open network computing solutions to colleges and universities around the world, powering academic, research and high performance computing systems, campus administration, digital libraries and student instructions systems. In addition, Sun is committed to connecting the world's students to the Internet, beginning with primary and secondary schools and extending to all levels of higher education.

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