DSS Networks Achieves Near Wire-Speed At 114 Megabytes Per Second Of Gigabit Ethernet Throughput Using Standard TCP/IP Prototcol Stack Benchmarks

10/9/2002 - DSS Networks achieves another network first and announces one of the fastest network benchmarks ever for running TCP/IP traffic using our Gigabit Ethernet cards at 114 megabytes per second (912 megabits/sec) of user-payload data, transferring about 3.4GB of data every 30 seconds continuously.

Performance metrics are as follows: Test system #1 is a dual-Pentium3 1-GHZ based processor system with PC133 SDRAM and a 64-bit, 66MHZ PCI bus. Test system #2 is a 2-GHZ Zeon processor with DDR SDRAM and a PCI-X bus. Both systems are running in 64-bit, 66 MHZ PCI bus speed mode. Using standard Redhat Linux 7.3 with a Linux 2.4.18 based kernel, these tests are performed using the TCP/IP stack with socket based application programs sending from one system to the other over a single TCP connection through a Gigabit Ethernet switch. The Linux default 1500-byte MTU size was used for this test. The results show the socket level user data payload rate at 114 megabytes per second sustained using either of our Model's 5161 or 6160 Gigabit Ethernet controller cards. Socket buffer size can be configured to as little as 32K while message sizes are configured to be 64K. CPU utilization is moderate at about 30 percent on the 2-GHZ Zeon and 50 percent on the dual Pentium3 system when running this benchmark test.

The maximum data rate in a Gigabit Ethernet simplex (each direction of transfer) is approximately 125 megabytes per second minus the inter-frame gap, frame and protocol stack overhead. This makes this benchmark running at near wire speed at about 97 percent line utilization in transferring data from one system to another.

Both our models 5161 PMC Mezzanine and our model 6160 Gigabit Ethernet 64-bit PCI controllers use the DP83820 Gigabit Ethernet "MAC" chip and DP83861/DP83865 transceivers from National Semiconductor. These controllers offer intelligent bus-master DMA-engine technology combined with CPU host offload features, which the optimized driver uses to minimize overhead to the host CPU.

"This is very exciting news and we are very happy to be part of this amazing technology front", says Jerry Marcinko, President and CEO of DSS Networks, Inc. "Until recently, Gigabit Ethernet was being constrained by the speed of the overall systems including bus, memory, CPU speed and excessive protocol stack overhead. However, with recent gains in CPU speed combined with technologies like DDR SDRAM and PCI-X, these limitations are no longer a major constraint. In addition, you do not necessarily need to consider using complex and expensive full-protocol stack co-processor offload approaches. Intelligent, full-featured Gigabit Ethernet DMA-engine based controllers coupled with CPU-offload features, like the devices from National, are now mainstream technology, inexpensive and easily deployed. High performing, application-specific protocol stacks along with TCP/IP protocol stack optimizations will be most welcome and will provide even more enhancements to overall system performance."

About DSS Networks
DSS Networks, Inc. is a privately funded company located in Irvine CA and designs and manufactures embedded high-performance next generation Broadband Networking products based on technologies including Gigabit Ethernet, Sonet, OC-48 and DWDM.

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