Tamper-Proof Email Records for Users Of Microsoft Exchange And Outlook Introduced at MEC 2002

10/9/2002 - Datum's Trusted Time Division announced the introduction of Trusted TimeTM ExchangeProofTM, a software plug-in for Microsoft Exchange Server that enables all incoming and outgoing email to be digitally signed with accurate and traceable time - automatically and without any user action. By combining organizational authentication technology with an accurate and tamper proof time signing system, ExchangeProof preserves the integrity of the email record with a tamper-proof digital signature of each email.

"Email has become the primary means of business communication. It is fast, convenient and the core to many important decisions and agreements," said Chris Baker, lead product manager for Exchange at Microsoft Corp. "Today, integrity is key to an organization's success or failure, and ExchangeProof gives users the ability to substantiate who communicated what, with whom and when."

ExchangeProof allows all email flowing through the Exchange Server to be time signed by a Trusted Time StampServerTM. This secure and auditable time signing binds provably accurate time of day with an organizational digital signature to create an auditable and trustworthy record of email content at a specific time.

"ExchangeProof offers all the advantages of digital signatures without the major financial overhead of a Public Key Infrastructure or individual digital signatures," says John Bernardi, president of Datum - Trusted Time Division. "ExchangeProof provides all types of organizations and their stakeholders with complete confidence that the original content and time of their email communication can be proven accurate today and tomorrow. Now, the thousands of organizations that host more than 80 million users of Exchange and Outlook can cost- effectively protect their email records."

ExchangeProof uses the Trusted Time StampServerTM organizational time signing engine to generate a digitally-signed email record on the Exchange Server. StampServers are the first dedicated time signing devices to utilize the benefits of a FIPS 140-1 Level 3 (tamper-proof) compliant security environment and a secure time setting service. These technologies combine to provide a solution that creates irrefutable evidence of the content and time of a sent, received, or edited email. This email "signature" provides a digital record that proves the original content of the email, the organizational identity of the email record owner and the provably correct time of the email. The actual time in the StampServer originates from an official and trusted source of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) over a secure communications link.

For businesses and government organizations alike, ExchangeProof can be quickly installed on an enterprise's Exchange Server(s). Only the ExchangeProof add-in and a StampServer are required to securely time sign all of the Exchange-based email. Both are easily configurable and require minimal administration.

"Once configured, ExchangeProof automatically signs and create irrefutable email records," says Bernardi. "No training of end users or explanation on usage to anyone in a company is necessary. As far as employees and their correspondents are concerned, everything is business as usual."

Trusted Time StampServers use integrated cryptographic co-processors from IBM or nCipher. All time, time signing and clock operations are performed within the cryptographic boundary of the StampServers, providing the highest level of integrity available for secure time signing. ExchangeProof is configurable to provide up to three signatures per email, with or without attachments, and the last edited version of an email. It supports up to 125 time signings/second per StampServer and minimal additional storage is required. There is only a single organizational digital certificate required per StampServer. Pricing for ExchangeProof is based on number of Exchange Server mailboxes. ExchangeProof for 1,000 mailboxes and a StampServer SA100 is priced at $66,250.

About Datum
Datum, Inc. (Nasdaq: DATM) of Irvine, CA, designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of high-performance time and frequency products used to synchronize the flow of information in telecommunications networks. Datum, Inc. is also a leading supplier of precise timing products for computing networks, satellite systems, electronic commerce and test and measurement applications.

About Datum - Trusted Time Division (TTD)
Datum - Trusted Time Division is the leading provider of secure time management solutions that manage the integrity of time in digital business processes for the Information Technology market. Its Trusted TimeTM solutions consist of a family of standards-based, secure time signing and NTP (Network Time Protocol) time synchronization systems including StampServerTM, SyncServerTM and TymServeTM.

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