CiaoLAB Leverages Wind River to Create HomeStation Multimedia Entertainment Gateway

10/9/2002 - Wind River Systems, a leading provider of software and services for connected devices, awarded its "Cool Customer Design" award to CiaoLAB Technologies, a leader in the design of connected solutions for automotive, home and industrial applications, for its development of the CiaoLAB HomeStation. The HomeStation multimedia entertainment gateway converges the worlds of interactive digital television, audio and Internet broadband access for a complete residential multimedia experience.

CiaoLAB used Wind River's JWorksTM Java platform to develop a user-friendly interface and Java application platform for the HomeStation and manage information from a variety of sources including the Internet (V90 and ADSL), television channels (terrestrial and satellite) and cable services (fibre). It provides access to numerous residential entertainment and communication services including video on demand, MP3 music and juke box, Web TV , interactive TV, e-mail, and video mail.

"Selecting JWorks from Wind River, combined with the support of its expert services team, gave CiaoLAB confidence throughout the development cycle that we would overcome the complex design challenges we had set for the HomeStation," said Angelo Ramolini, chief technical officer of CiaoLAB Technologies. "At CiaoLAB, JWorks has proven itself as a high performance and reliable operating environment that is ideal for advanced multimedia applications and flexible enough to create an innovative embedded Java solution."

The HomeStation is an innovative Java thin-client computer, designed to support additional hardware and software plug-ins as new technology standards are developed and to enable different applications and services according to end user requirements. Customers can connect different types of wide area network (WAN) interfaces including fibre, XDSL,V90, satellite or create a local area network (LAN) by using a telephone line, power line or local wireless (802.11).

Other HomeStation features include networked gaming, Pay TV, security monitoring, home security, remote energy management and meter reading, home banking, online shopping and E-commerce. The product runs a 32-bit Hitachi SuperH (SH) microprocessor.

"Java promises to enable a new generation of smart devices, proven by CiaoLAB's release of the HomeStation. But it also poses serious design challenges for developers of embedded systems," said Federico De Sario, regional director, Wind River. "Wind River has been supporting Java technology since 1995 and became the first embedded software OEM to be certified by Sun Microsystems to port a Java virtual machine to a real-time operating system. The collaboration with CiaoLAB is further proof that Wind River is in an ideal position, through its products and professional services team, to be the enabling technology for the introduction of truly innovative applications to the market."

JWorks - The Industry's Leading Embedded Java Platform
Wind River's JWorks implements Sun Microsystems' PersonalJava specification by combining the WindML multimedia libraries, cleanroom AWT graphics subsystem, and the Jeode Embedded Virtual Machine (EVM) from Insignia. JWorks combines the benefits of Wind River’s market-leading VxWorksâ real-time operating with the advantages inherent in Java that include easy network connectivity, high security and the ability to run third party software. The HomeStation is the first product deployed with Wind River’s JWorks 4.0 platform, featuring Insignia's lighting-fast java virtual machine technology.

About CiaoLAB
CiaoLAB Technologies society was born in 2000 as a spin off from the Organization of Research and development of the Bull group. It plans and realizes solutions of second-generation logon IP for the customers of the operating TLC, Wide Band (Broad Band), ISP and utility companies; the solutions of logon IP from CiaoLAB address the following market segments: "Automotive and Mobile," the "Multimedia and Networking," and the "Embedded Industrial." Today CiaoLAB is one of the first companies in the world concerned with the planning, integration and personalization of innovative solutions in a "user friendly" manner, to supply contained services and IP protocols.

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