emWare Offers EMIT for Distributed Objects Developer Studio for Embedded Software Developers

10/9/2002 - emWare®, the leading provider of remote device management solutions, announced its EMIT® for Distributed Objects Developer Studio, a bundle of key components based on its recently-announced EMIT for Distributed Objects framework. The purpose of the EMIT Developer Studio is to offer developers of embedded software a comprehensive development environment for creating fully Internet-enabled intelligent devices. At the heart of the EMIT Developer Studio is the Embedded Network BuilderTM (ENB) software—an innovative development tool that automatically generates the code required for networking embedded devices. Unlike various point solutions available today, the EMIT for Distributed Objects Developer Studio helps developers build a complete embedded solution that supports remote communications with such devices as printers, commercial lighting and security systems, point-of-sale systems and medical equipment using such client applications as Web browsers, spreadsheets, PDAs or even e-mail.

The first release of the EMIT Developer Studio, which is available today, allows developers to leverage standard TCP/IP-over-Ethernet infrastructure to directly control and manage their intelligent devices. This direct device-to-client application communication is especially useful in situations in which the client applications and devices are on the same Local Area Network (LAN) behind a firewall.

"emWare is helping companies to be more competitive by enabling them to deliver a new generation of smart, Internet-enabled products that increase profits, productivity and customer satisfaction," said Michael D. Nelson, CEO and co-founder of emWare. "The EMIT for Distributed Objects Developer Studio is unlike any development environment available today. We’re offering developers the most flexible, easy-to-use and affordable technology to make adding device networking and remote management capabilities to their products a reality."

The Embedded Network Builder Automatically Generates "C" Source Code
The ENB is a Windows-based tool that helps developers to configure their embedded device by allowing them to easily define and expose their device’s functions, variables and events. Developers can also interactively select the networking protocols, services and features required by their embedded applications. Developers then use the ENB to create Object Interfaces that describe these networking features and functions. The ENB then automatically generates EMIT Micro Object Server (MOSTM) source code in "C" that developers can easily integrate with their device application. The MOS software provides all the customized communication logic, protocols and stacks that enable the device application to communicate with the other components of the EMIT for Distributed Objects framework, including the Object Access Library (OALTM) for client communications. The ENB also includes a Board Support Package (BSP) for the Microsoft Windows platform, allowing developers to simulate their device application in a Windows environment before porting it to a specific hardware platform.

In addition to the ENB, the EMIT Developer Studio also includes the following components:

Ethernet—TCP/IP SDK: The Ethernet—TCP/IP SDK, which is used together with the ENB, offers all the tools, documentation and examples needed by developers to add networked communications to embedded devices that are based on TCP/IP over Ethernet. This SDK also includes a Hitachi H8S/2134F reference board with an Ethernet add-on module for TCP/IP communications.

ActiveX/COM Object Access Library (OAL): This software library allows developers to create powerful, sophisticated client applications that can interact with the devices they network-enabled using the Ethernet—TCP/IP SDK and ENB. The ActiveX/COM Object Access Library provides fast integration into Excel, Access, Outlook or any other application that can use ActiveX components.

Future Releases
In the near future, emWare will offer a full suite of alternative device communication SDKs and client communication libraries to allow developers to purchase the tools that best suit their needs. For example, upcoming device-communications SDKs will support TCP/IP-over-modem and serial communications. In addition, future OALs will support such client application environments and platforms as C++ and Java.

Pricing & Availability
The EMIT for Distributed Objects Developer Studio is available immediately for the low introductory price of $399. Customers may purchase the EMIT for Distributed Objects Developer Studio online at www.emstore.com or by calling us toll-free at 1-877-436-9273. OEM licenses are available from emWare once customers are ready to take their EMIT-enabled products to full production.

About Remote Device Management
Several technology innovations, including device networking and Web services, are converging today to enable Remote Device Management. Remote Device Management is a new approach that helps companies add intelligence to their smart devices by automating routine functions that use remote diagnostics, self-healing and self-optimizing techniques, while passing highly relevant real-time data back to the enterprise. Remote Device Management enables intelligent devices to become self-aware and self-regulating, thereby becoming capable of running and healing themselves, adjusting to varying circumstances and preparing their resources to handle their workload most efficiently. By deploying this technology into real-world solutions, companies can reduce service costs up to 75% and introduce new revenue opportunities based on products and services that use the newly available device data.

About emWare
emWare makes it fast, easy and affordable to add remote device management capabilities to electronic devices, helping companies be more competitive by enabling them to deliver a new generation of smart products that increase profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. emWare founded the ETI AllianceTM—a group of leading technology and service companies that are extending the Internet to everyday devices. Established in May 1996, emWare is a private company with headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah and an office in Munich, Germany.

emWare, EMIT, MOS, OAS, OAP, OAL, Embedded Network Builder and emConnect are registered trademarks, trademarks or service marks of emWare, Inc.

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