Jungo and CATC to Provide Comprehensive Set of USB Verification and Development Tools

10/8/2002 - Jungo Software Technologies, a leading provider of driver development software tools, and Computer Access Technology Corporation (CATC), a leading provider of advanced verification systems and connectivity products for communications protocols, announced a partnership to provide a comprehensive verification and development solution for USB device manufacturers. Jungo's suite of driver development and hardware access tools, including WinDriver and KernelDriver, combined with CATC's portfolio of USB bus & protocol analyzers, including USBTracer, Advisor, Chief and Inspector, significantly enhance USB hardware and software development and verification.

USB device development is a complex, multi-step process involving hardware test and verification, fault diagnosis, low level programming that exercises the protocol and operating system, followed by kernel mode debugging to develop a driver that controls and accesses the device.

CATC and Jungo provide complementary tools that simplify this tedious task and address all relevant aspects of the development process. Jungo's user-friendly wizard detects USB hardware and enables developers to immediately read and write to USB pipes prior to developing a driver. CATC's bus and protocol analyzers capture, filter, decode and display bus communication traffic, including the packets generated by WinDriver's wizard, in easily understood, color-code data groupings. Once the hardware is validated, software engineers can develop a driver with confidence. Jungo driver development tools require no knowledge of operating system internals or kernel level development. WinDriver and KernelDriver provide the developer with graphical development environments and enable automatic generation of fully functional driver code, APIs, diagnostics, debug utilities, and samples.

"Jungo provides tools that assist hardware and software manufacturers in the efficient design of reliable USB devices, enabling them to focus on application development and increasing developer efficiency," said Ophir Herbst, general manager of the Software Tools Division at Jungo. "Combining Jungo's driver development expertise with CATC's protocol analyzers creates a comprehensive verification and development solution that significantly simplifies the development cycle resulting in faster time-to-market."

"We are pleased that Jungo has selected CATC's bus and protocol analyzers to complement their driver development tools," said Mark Abbas, USB Product Manager at CATC. "As USB devices penetrate more complex applications as well as enable lower cost, portable device connectivity, manufacturers are demanding integrated solutions that accelerate development and market entry. Jungo's driver development tools are an excellent complement to CATC's powerful bus and protocol analyzers."

CATC now ships its USB bus and protocol analyzers USBTracer, Advisor, Chief and Inspector with Jungo's WinDriver and KernelDriver driver development evaluation kits.

About Jungo
Jungo Software Technologies Inc. is a privately held company with offices in San Jose, California, Taipei, Taiwan and Israel. Jungo's driver development product line, featuring WinDriver and KernelDriver, enable developers to quickly create high performance, high quality drivers and hardware access applications for USB and PCI peripheral devices running under Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP, Windows CE, Linux, Solaris and VxWorks. Jungo also develops the OpenRG residential gateway software platform that enables Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to bring broadband customer premises equipment (CPE) such as residential gateways, SOHO gateways and IADs to market quickly. Jungo's investors include Telesoft Partners (San Mateo), Infineon Ventures and Intel Communications Fund.

About CATC
CATC, a communications protocol expert company, provides advanced verification systems and connectivity products for existing and emerging digital communications standards such as USB, IEEE1394, Bluetooth wireless technology, InfiniBand, Serial ATA, SCSI and Ethernet. CATC products are used by semiconductor, device, system and software companies at each phase of their product lifecycle from development through production and market deployment. CATC bus and protocol analyzers and verification systems consist of development and production solutions that accurately monitor communications traffic and diagnose operational problems to ensure standards compliance and interoperability as well as assist system manufacturers to download software into new computers. CATC was founded in 1992 and is headquartered in Santa Clara, California.

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