XEMICS Showcases Ultra Low Power Wireless ConnectICs at Electronica 2002

10/8/2002 - XEMICS, a provider of system on chip solutions, chip sets and associated firmware, for short-range wireless connectivity will be showcasing ultra low power wireless ConnectICsTM from 12th - 15th November 2002 at Electronica. XEMICS' ultra low power solutions are ideal for portable, battery-operated devices for personal information, communication, security or entertainment, as well as data acquisition and communication devices for building automation (security, climate, light, fire), utility metering and home control. XEMICS' products provide sensing, local processing and communication. They deliver sound/voice, pressure, temperature, acceleration, time, position, speed, or other types of data through a short-range wireless link. The products also deliver data/commands to the sensors and actuator. XEMICS' ultra low-power mixed-signal audio CODECs have a power consumption 5x lower than that of direct competition, while the power consumption is 3x lower for the XEMICS GPS receiver, and 2x lower for XEMICS' data acquisition chain with microcontroller. In fact, the BluetoothTM baseband controller from XEMICS' has the lowest power consumption on the market.

XEMICS combines its core technologies: low frequency to UHF RF transceivers, BluetoothTM, sensor interfacing/data acquisition, 8 bit RISC microcontrollers, audio CODECs, and GPS, together with ultra low-power design technology and expertise to provide wireless connectivity silicon solutions for autonomous battery operated and/or power sensitive terminal equipment.

XEMICS' unique strength lies in its ability to combine ultra low power with high-level integration for both ISM and BluetoothTM bands. BluetoothTM and wireless applications will be driven by the consumer's desire for long battery life and XEMICS prides itself on its ability to mix RF, Analog and Digital processing in a highly integrated system requiring a small BOM. Development tools and reference designs to speed up customer product development and qualifications are part of XEMICS' commitment to quality customer service.

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