Exar Teams with Sequence on Comms IC Excellence

10/4/2002 - The switch to Columbus-RF, Sequence Design's high-accuracy parasitic extraction software for mixed-signal and digital circuits, has delivered time-to-market and improved critical timing analysis for communications IC leader, Exar.

"Using Sequence's Columbus-RF extraction back-annotated simulations has given Exar a time-to-market advantage when compared to schematic simulations without LPE," according to Dr. Roubik Gregorian, executive vice president and general manager, Communications Division, and CTO of Exar, a Fremont, Calif.-based provider of high-performance, mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure. "The Columbus-RF accuracy of extracted and simulated results has been validated in actual silicon."

"Exar's experience is further evidence that parasitic effects on circuits cannot be ignored," according to Dr. Susheel Chandra, Sequence senior vice president of R&D and product marketing. "All parasitics - inductance, capacitance and resistance - must be extracted with high accuracy in order to confidently predict circuit behavior in high-frequency RF, optical equipment, and high-speed digital designs."

Exar has employed Columbus-RF on a number of sophisticated designs over the past two years, ranging from a 0.18-micron to 0.35-micron for its networking IC designs.

Another benefit was the ability to integrate the Sequence tools quickly. It took using only a two-page description of Columbus-RF, and a couple of questions, for Exar to be off and running.

About Columbus-RF
Columbus-RF is part of Sequence's ExtractionStage, a suite of high-performance EDA tools tuned for complex multi-million-gate SoCs (systems-on-a-chip) and analog/mixed-signal design. ExtractionStage is the only suite of automated interconnect parasitic tools extracting highly accurate (results correlated within a few percent of a field solver) resistance, capacitance and inductance values across a wide range of design styles.

Columbus-RF is the industry's first integrated, 3-dimensional RLC interconnect extraction solution specifically tailored for RF, analog and custom high-speed digital IC designs. The product allows RF designers to reduce risk and uncertainty in their high-performance designs, and avoid unpleasant surprises and re-spins. Columbus-RF provides tight integration with Cadence's Analog Design Environment and Diva physical verification tools.

The product has experienced significant sales growth in the past two years, gaining more than 20 customers since its release. IBM includes Columbus-RF in its SiGe design kits, and Exar, Qualcomm, Valence, and LeCroy are among a growing list of customers using the product.

Columbus-RF was recently chosen by the readers of Wireless Systems Design as the best wireless design tool for 2002.

About Exar
Exar Corporation (NASDAQ: EXAR) designs, develops and markets high-performance, analog and mixed-signal silicon solutions for the worldwide communications infrastructure. Leveraging its industry-proven analog design expertise, system-level knowledge and standard CMOS process technologies, Exar provides OEMs innovative, highly integrated ICs that facilitate the transport and aggregation of signals in access, metro and wide area networks. The company's physical layer silicon solutions address transmission standards such as T/E carrier, ATM and SONET. Additionally, Exar offers ICs for both the serial communications and the video and imaging markets. The Company is based in Fremont, Calif., had fiscal 2002 revenues of $55 million, and employs approximately 290 people worldwide.

About Sequence
Sequence Design, Inc., the SoC Design Closure CompanySM, enables system-on-chip designers to bring higher-performance and lower-power integrated circuits quickly to fabrication. Sequence's physical design software and solutions give its more than 100 customers the competitive advantage they need to excel in aggressive technology markets, despite demanding complexity and time-to-market issues of sub-180 nanometer designs.

Sequence has worldwide development and field service operations. The company was recently named by Reed Electronics as one of the top 50 companies to watch in the electronics industry. Sequence is privately held. Sequence is a member of Cadence Design Systems' ConnectionsTM and Mentor Graphics' Open DoorTM partnership programs.

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