Equator Announces Immediate Availability of iMMediaTools Software Development Toolkit 6.0 with Linux OS Support

10/4/2002 - Equator Technologies, a leading provider of high-performance, programmable and power-efficient system-on-a-chip (SOC) processors for video streaming and image processing applications, announced the immediate availability of iMMediaTools® Software Development Toolkit Version 6.0 and Linux OS for BSPTM-15 processors for customer release. This release allows Equator customers to develop and deploy cost-effective video-centric solutions based on Linux and Equator’s widely adopted Tetra Hardware Platform.

The new iMMediaTools Toolkit offers a wealth of features and enhancements that are designed to ensure rapid product development and deployment of video-centric applications. The added Linux operating system support allows customers to tap into the widely available and open source software base, thereby lowering the overall system cost and shortening the software development cycle.

Included in this distribution is support for Equator’s popular Tetra Hardware Platform, Equator’s low-cost, high-performance and ultra-compact hardware platform for a variety of applications ranging from streaming video appliances and personal video recorders to IP cameras and digital video recorders.

"With our toolkit, Linux OS and plug-and-play support for the Tetra Hardware Platform, we provide our customers with the tools required to build their applications in less time and at a lower cost," said Frans Sijstermans, vice president of engineering, Equator Technologies. "We built our video-centric SOC processors to do exactly this – to run everything from MPEG to Middleware to the full Linux OS, on one chip, saving integration time and system cost. We are delighted to offer our customers this solution."

The new iMMediaTools Software Development Toolkit Version 6.0 is available immediately through Equator’s direct sales channels.

About Equator Technologies
Equator Technologies is a leading provider of high performance, programmable, power efficient System-on-a-chip processors designed for video streaming and image processing applications across a wide range of consumer and enterprise end markets. Equator offers the BSP family of Broadband Signal Processor chips, the iMMediaTools® software development toolkit, media libraries, and reference platforms for development and deployment of video streaming and video processing systems. With more than 150 customers worldwide, Equator provides solutions to the digital media, digital video communications, video security and surveillance, digital imaging, and automotive video markets. Based on a high-performance VLIW core and optimized for video processing, the BSP-15 family of chips delivers up to 40 GOPS of video processing power. Utilizing Equator’s optimizing compiler technology; BSP-15 chips are 100% programmable in C/C++, enabling rapid deployment and field upgradeability of new applications and devices. A software programmable BSP-15 chip can replace multiple fixed-function ASICs, thereby reducing both complexity and cost of system designs. Winner of the "2001 Fabless Semiconductor Association Best Financial Performer - Private Company" award and picked by Cahners Research as the top private company on the list of 30 best small electronics companies, Equator is a recognized leader in video processing solutions. Founded in 1996, Equator is a privately held company headquartered in Campbell, Calif., with additional offices worldwide.

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