Six Companies Join DWDM Pluggable Transceiver Multi-source Agreement

10/3/2002 - Agilent Technologies, Nortel Networks and Agere Systems announced that Alcatel Optronics, JDS Uniphase, Mitsubishi Electric, NEC Corporation, Oki Electric and Sumitomo/Excelight have joined the DWDM Pluggable Transceiver multi-source agreement (MSA) and will supply devices that conform to the specification defined by the MSA. Transceivers developed using this new specification are designed to help improve network planning, commissioning and maintenance of optical networks and reduce system downtime and inventory costs.

The DWDM Pluggable Transceiver MSA announced by Agilent, Nortel Networks, and Agere Systems in June 2002 establishes a standard that specifies uniformity for 2.5 Gb/s (OC-48) dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) pluggable transceiver package outlines, pin function definitions, software interface and electrical characteristics. Transceivers based on this MSA will provide transmit and receive interfaces for metro DWDM multi-service routers, multi-service provisioning, optical transmission platforms and digital cross-connects.

MSA-compliant DWDM transceivers will allow network service providers to plug in a DWDM transceiver exactly when and where it's needed, and at any wavelength, reducing inventory costs. The ability to install the transceivers into live systems eliminates system downtime during upgrades and service calls. The multi-rate feature (from 155 Mb/s to 2.7 Gb/s) allows operators to offer flexible service as well.

"This MSA has been well received by the leading optical network equipment manufacturers," said David Chown, general manager of Agilent's Telecom Fiber Optic Component Operation. "The benefits of lower inventory costs, reduced system downtime and easy field maintenance are compelling propositions for manufacturers and their customers."

Network equipment manufacturers will also benefit from the pluggability feature, as it eliminates cumbersome fiber "pigtails" and pin through-hole devices that are difficult to assemble in high-volume systems. These pluggable transceivers will not require soldering to the board or a board cut-out, further reducing design and manufacturing time. The modules are suitable for both hot-pluggability in the field when mounted at the faceplate of the equipment and for cold-plugging "in-board" when field access is not required.

"The addition of six new members is a powerful reinforcement of the MSA and establishes it as the preeminent 2.5 Gb/s DWDM interface standard," said Pat Walsh, vice president, Product Line Management, Optical Components, Nortel Networks.

"The DWDM MSA continues to gain traction and attract new members by providing the right technology, standards and support the industry needs," said Mark Granahan, vice president of Agere's Optical Access and Transport division. "The MSA gives designers confidence to deploy compliant devices without costly and time-consuming system redesign. Agere will continue to support and lead this industry-standard effort with cost-effective, highly integrated, IC-based transport solutions that access, move and store network information."

About the DWDM Pluggable Transceiver MSA
Founded in June 2002, the DWDM Pluggable Transceiver MSA group is an open forum, welcoming applications from transceiver manufacturers who wish to join. MSA members will independently develop and market the compact, DWDM transceivers based on the new standard, ensuring that network equipment manufacturers have a choice among compatible sources. A standard DWDM transceiver is essential to provide a focal point for the component and system industry to allow development of DWDM products and therefore the wide adoption of the DWDM technology.

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