Datum Sets New Standard In Secure And Auditable Time Signing At ISSE Conference

10/3/2002 - Datum's Trusted Time Division launched the Trusted TimeTM StampServerTM SA200n, a stand-alone network appliance that provides secure and auditable time stamp signing for any IT application, transaction or computer log. The SA200n is an organizational digital signature engine that irrefutably binds the accurate time of day information into the digital signature within a digital entity.

The StampServer SA200n is the first product developed through the technical alliance of Datum and nCipherTM plc, a leading provider of cryptographic IT security solutions. The SA200n organizational signing engine uses a single digital certificate to bind the identity of the organizational unit to which it belongs to the time stamp itself. A time signing provides the necessary audit information confirming that the time stamp is accurate, secure and traceable back to an official time authority.

"Business procedures that rely on time sensitive transactions demand the utmost in integrity and protection," said Jim Hurley, vice president of security and privacy at Aberdeen Group. "This combination of Datum's time signing engine with nCipher's secure hardware modules provides IS buyers with greater convenience, auditability, scalability and protection for make-the-money business transactions."

The StampServer SA200n is integrated with nCipher's nShield FIPS 140-1, Level 3 compliant Hardware Security Module (HSM). All time functions, keys, cryptography, and signature code are secured by the nCipher Secure Execution EngineTM (SEE) within the tamper-resistant nShieldTM HSM. This binding of time and organizational identity ensures the authenticity and integrity of time-signed records. Capable of providing up to 125 RSA 1024-bit time signings per second, the StampServer SA200n sets a new standard in secure and auditable time stamp issuance.

"In many businesses it is as important to know when an email, document or transaction was created as it is to know who originated it," said Dr. Nicko van Someren, CTO at nCipher. "Secure time signing is another great example of how cryptography is being applied to security challenges across the enterprise. Addressing the need to provide secure documentary evidence that adds time integrity to digital business transactions is a critical component of building and managing online relationships throughout the value chain."

Trusted Time StampServer SA200n time stamps are traceable to official Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) time sources and can only be time calibrated by a trusted service utilizing Trusted Time secure infrastructure technology. Once calibrated, the StampServer SA200n is ready to provide time stamps to any IETF/PKIX compliant time stamp request. WetStone Technologies provides its Sovereign TimeTM Time CheckTM service in the US and Europe, while Seiko Instruments provides the ChronotrustTM service in Japan. Both companies also provide verification and audit services.

The StampServer is VeriSign® time stamp certificate compatible. Datum offers a growing number of application enablers to simplify deployment as well as an API/Software development kit for integrating the StampServer into specific environments.

Datum Trusted Time Division and nCipher will be demonstrating the StampServer SA200n at this week's ISSE conference. The StampServer SA200n is now available worldwide and can be ordered either through Datum-Trusted Time Division or nCipher. Pricing for the StampServer SA200n begins at $45,000 (U.S.).

About ISSE ISSE (Information Security Solutions Europe) is Europe's independent IT security conference. Owned by EEMA (non-profit European association for the furtherance of electronic business), ISSE 2002 is being held October 2-4 in Disneyland, Paris. Now in its fourth year, ISSE 2002 looks at the manifold aspects of security and trust in the Internet environment. Leading technologists, heads of industry, representatives from the political world and the legal professions present the most recent information on the development of IT security.

About Datum
Datum designs, manufactures and markets a wide variety of high-performance time and frequency products used to synchronize the flow of information in telecommunications networks. The company is also a leading supplier of precise timing products for computing networks, satellite systems, electronic commerce, and test and measurement applications. Its corporate headquarters are in Irvine, Calif.

About Datum - Trusted Time Division (TTD)
Datum Trusted Time Division is the leading provider of secure time management solutions that manage the integrity of time in digital business processes for the Information Technology market. Its Trusted TimeTM solutions consist of a family of standards-based, secure time signing and NTP (Network Time Protocol) time synchronization systems including StampServerTM, SyncServerTM and TymServeTM.

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