Brooktrout Technology Delivers Advanced Call Recording Platform

10/3/2002 - Brooktrout Technology, a leading provider of innovative hardware and software platforms that enable applications for the New NetworkTM, announced the availability of the RealBLOCsTM DR-A advanced call recording platform, featuring high-performance recording accuracy and clarity for building scaleable, open system, call logging and quality monitoring applications.

The RealBLOCs DR-A can be used for the recording and archiving of telephone conversations in emergency call centers, air traffic control centers and correctional facilities, as well as for liability recording in financial transaction systems. Selective recordings can also be made for quality monitoring systems such as those deployed in a contact center for performance monitoring and the coaching of agents.

The RealBLOCs DR-A features passive tap interfaces to allow the undetected monitoring and recording of analog loop-start telephone circuits. The interface contains a high impedance barrier to prevent degradation of the monitored signal, and a special circuit allows for detection of an incoming call or an outbound call for accurate start and stop of recording.

"Being able to detect an incoming call using the DR-A’s special line condition monitor, coupled with the voice activity detection, means that recordings are spot on accurate," said Simon Farrow of Stancil Corporation. "This ensures that archived recordings can be kept as compact as possible, thus maximizing storage resources."

Another unique feature of the RealBLOCs DR-A is its differential, programmable gain control that allows the volume at both ends of the telephone call to be independently adjusted so that an optimal recording level for the recorded conversation can be achieved. The DR-A can be physically connected on the station-side or the trunk-side of a PBX or call center ACD, and systems in excess of 264 channels per chassis can be deployed, thus matching the majority of PBX and call center system configurations deployed today.

The RealBLOCs DR-A call recording firmware provides optimized functionality for call recording. By removing non-essential functions, the DR-A provides a higher density module specifically tuned for call-recording applications. The DR-A supports up to 24 channels per board, giving it the highest density available in the industry today. Recording functions include: a choice of audio compression formats (from 64Kbps down to 13.3Kbps) for efficient trade-off between channel density, recording fidelity and storage; voice activated recording with silence compression and truncation for reducing the size of audio files; and Caller ID detection for call detail recording used to index recordings for easier retrieval.

"Brooktrout has enjoyed success in the call recording markets with our RDSP and Vantage products," said John Ison, vice president and general manager, Enterprise Markets Group at Brooktrout Technology. "By offering the highest-density PCI call recording card in the industry and by providing enhanced recording features, we intend to build on this success to establish Brooktrout as a leading supplier of open system call recording technology."

About Brooktrout Technology
Brooktrout Technology delivers innovative hardware and software platforms that enable the development of New NetworkTM applications, systems and services in targeted market segments, including voice over packet gateways and switches, enhanced services platforms, wireless infrastructure, unified communications, and contact centers. The company’s strategy is to collaborate with its partners to help them increase existing business, expand into new markets and accelerate the delivery of new applications and services. Brooktrout Technology is a subsidiary of Brooktrout, Inc. (NASDAQ: BRKT).

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