Siroyan Becomes First Commercial IP Vendor to Join Open Core Protocol International Partnership

10/1/2002 - Siroyan, the high-performance DSP IP company, announced that it has joined the Open Core Protocol International Partnership (OCP-IP), the association providing a common standard for intellectual property core interfaces. As a sponsor member, Siroyan will become part of OCP-IP's working groups and will participate in developing future enhancements for OCP.

Siroyan is the first commercial IP vendor to join OCP-IP as a sponsor member, and will deploy OCP in its current and future generations of DSP cores, using wrappers for each targeted bus. The company used the AMBATM bus in SRA328, its first scalable DSP core launched in April.

"Reducing the time-to-market for our licensees by providing common design foundations has been a key factor both in our design methodology and our partnership strategy," said Adrian Wise, chief technology officer at Siroyan. "What the association offers is the first truly open effort. Driven and directed by prominent users that have an interest in keeping it open, OCP has the substance and authority to make plug-and-play SoC design a reality. We are proud to support OCP-IP and further our common goals for DSP-IP cores."

OCP provides a scalable and reusable alternative to traditional interface schemes promoted by some vendors with stakes in SOC designs. Wise believes that independence from proprietary interfaces, buses and other technologies, as well as from foundries, are key factors in making complex SOC design a mainstream engineering discipline.

Siroyan now joins OCP-IP's working groups, which will help increase the skill sets and experience of the highly-talented team drawn from founder members including Nokia, UMC, Texas Instruments, MIPS and Sonics. The OCP-IP working groups are charged with the task of developing enhancements and support for OCP, and embrace topics including specification, functional verification, memory semantics, and technical vision.

"The addition of Siroyan to the Sponsoring Membership roster underscores the support for a common industry standard for intellectual property core interfaces that facilitate 'plug-and-play' design," said Ian Mackintosh, president of OCP-IP. "The collective expertise of both our existing and our new sponsor member gives us a broad and unequalled talent that will extend our ability to provide enhancements and further support for OCP technology."

About Siroyan
Siroyan's vision of becoming the industry-standard DSP IP supplier began with the OneDSP program in 1999, following an intensive research study. This two-year program, involving over 800 design engineers in 150 different companies, ascertained the architecture and IP delivery model the company needed to take technology design to the next level of performance. The OneDSP architecture is the first to use clustering techniques to provide unparalleled, scalable DSP power. Delivered as a family of synthesizable cores specifically for SoC deployment, and supported in a standard EDA development environment, Siroyan offers designers the performance and flexibility required for demanding next-generation applications. Headquartered in Reading, UK, the company is privately owned, and employs some 50 technical and commercial staff at its HQ and Design Centres.

About OCP-IP
The OCP International Partnership Association, Inc. (OCP-IP) was formed in December 2001 to promote and support the open core protocol (OCP) as the complete socket standard that ensures rapid creation and integration of interoperable virtual components. In addition to Sonics, Inc., the inventor of the OCP technology, OCP-IP's founding members and initial Governing Steering Committee participants are: Nokia [NYSE: NOK], Texas Instruments [NYSE: TXN], MIPS Technologies [Nasdaq: MIPS], and United Microelectronics Corporation [NYSE: UMC]. OCP-IP is a non-profit corporation focused on delivering the first fully supported, openly licensed core-centric protocol that comprehensively fulfills system-level integration requirements. The OCP facilitates IP core reusability and reduces design time and risk, along with manufacturing costs for SOC designs.

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