Concurrent's RedHawk Linux Version 1.1 Now Available

10/1/2002 - Concurrent Computer, Real-Time Division, announced the availability of RedHawkTM Linux® version 1.1. This enhanced version of the open source Linux operating system is now shipping with Concurrent's iHawkTM high-performance, Intel®-based multiprocessor computer systems.

Based on the popular Red Hat® Linux, RedHawk is an industry-standard POSIX-compliant, real-time version of the open source Linux kernel. Ideally suited for the most complex real-time applications, RedHawk 1.1 running on iHawk systems offers a streamlined solution for simulation, data acquisition, and industrial system control environments. RedHawk 1.1 features high I/O throughput, fast response to external events, and optimized inter-process communication. Orders for RedHawk have been received from countries including Australia, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the U.S. for such demanding applications as flight and missile simulation.

"Linux is widely used for software development, and it is renowned for its speed, reliability, portability, and open source following," said Paul C. Meyer, president of Concurrent's Real-Time Division. "RedHawk is a unique real-time Linux OS and is proof of the continued commitment to our growing list of customers who require real-time solutions."

iHawk Systems
Concurrent iHawk systems are real-time Intel-based multiprocessors employing from one to eight Pentium® XeonTM CPUs with up to 16 GB of memory and high-performance PCI I/O. iHawk systems offer the latest in integrated circuit and packaging technology. All CPUs in a system are linked by a high-speed processor bus and have direct, cache-coherent access to all of main memory. iHawk systems are available in a variety of rackmount and tower enclosures. iHawk workstation I/O options include high-performance AGP 3D graphics with OpenGL.

Red Hat Compatible
RedHawk Linux user-level commands, utilities, and system administration are standard Red Hat. RedHawk achieves real-time performance by replacing the Red Hat kernel with a multithreaded, fully-preemptable kernel with low-latency enhancements. RedHawk's true symmetric multiprocessing support includes load-balancing and CPU shielding to maximize determinism and real-time performance in mission-critical solutions.

Complete Development Environment
RedHawk Linux offers a full set of tools for efficient development of real-time applications. In addition to the GNU C, C++, and Fortran compilers and the GNU debugger, RedHawk supports Concurrent's powerful real-time tool set - the NightViewTM source-level debugger, the NightTraceTM run-time analyzer, the NightSimTM periodic scheduler, and the NightProbeTM data monitor. These tools provide a robust graphic interface for non-intrusive control, monitoring, analysis, and debugging of real-time multiprocessing applications.

True Real-Time Linux
RedHawk is a true real-time variant of the standard Linux operating system. RedHawk provides a single kernel programming environment that directly controls all system operation. Complex real-time applications often require that file I/O, networking, and graphics be controlled deterministically together with real-time tasks. Only RedHawk's single-kernel design ensures this determinism. In tightly-coupled symmetric multiprocessing systems such as Concurrent's iHawk real-time systems, RedHawk Linux allows individual CPUs to be shielded from interrupt processing, daemons, bottom halves, and other Linux tasks. Processor shielding provides a highly deterministic execution environment where interrupt response is guaranteed.

Multithreading and Preemption
The RedHawk Linux kernel allows multiple processes to execute in the kernel simultaneously. The kernel protects key data structures and critical sections of code with semaphores and spin locks to preserve system integrity. User processes contend with each other only when requesting an identical resource. Otherwise, all kernel features and capabilities are available to all processes. Processes executing in the RedHawk kernel can also be preempted, i.e. forced to relinquish a CPU involuntarily. The RedHawk kernel can transfer control from a lower-priority process to a higher-priority process. This allows a high-priority process waiting for an external event to respond immediately when the event occurs, even when the CPU is currently in use.

Concurrent Professional Services
Concurrent's Professional Services Group is available to design and deliver customized iHawk systems running RedHawk Linux for customers who require complete competitive solutions for demanding real-time applications. Concurrent engineers can provide special packaging including ruggedized peripherals and enclosures, integrate third-party I/O cards, develop and integrate RedHawk Linux drivers, and perform application rehosting.

About Concurrent
Celebrating over 35 successful years in business, Concurrent Computer Corporation, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is the premier provider of high-performance, real-time computer systems, solutions, and software for commercial and government markets. The company's Real-Time Division focuses on strategic market areas that include hardware-in-the-loop and man-in-the-loop simulation, data acquisition, industrial systems, and software. Concurrent Computer Corporation's XSTREME Division is a leading supplier in the emerging digital video server marketplace. This market includes the broadband/cable, corporate training, education, hospitality, and video to the home. Concurrent provides sales and support from offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Concurrent Computer Corporation, its logo, RedHawk, iHawk, NighTrace, NightSim, and NightProbe are registered and unregistered trademarks of Concurrent Computer Corporation. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from the Linux Mark Institute, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a world-wide basis.

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