Semi Data Path Task Force, Si2 And X Initiative Launch Design-to-Manufacturing Speakers Series

10/1/2002 - Three semiconductor-industry organizations - SEMI Data Path Task Force, the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2) and the X Initiative - announced that they will launch a worldwide speaker series addressing challenges involved in the manufacture of semiconductors that start with the design process and continue to affect each step of manufacturing at the nanometer level. The goal of this speaker series is to create an ongoing venue for increased communication between the disparate worlds of semiconductor design and manufacturing in order to strengthen the weak links in the design-to-manufacturing chain. The series, entitled "The Nanometer Bridge: Fixing the Weakest Links in the Design-to-Manufacturing Chain," will feature technology and business leaders from both semiconductor design and manufacturing industries discussing the challenges they currently face in producing predictably high-yielding semiconductors, as well as those they see in store as the industry moves to 90 nm, 65 nm and smaller semiconductor process technologies. The first event in the series will take place on Thursday, October 3, 2002, in conjunction with the Fabless Semiconductor Association's Suppliers' Exposition in Santa Clara, Calif.

"Since the beginning of the electronics industry, design and manufacturing have been very separate hemispheres of the semiconductor world, speaking two different languages," said Tom Grebinski, chairman of the SEMI Data Path Task Force and Universal Data Model (UDM) Working Group. "Yet it's clear from the challenges that emerged at 130 nm-specifically, low-yielding devices and million-dollar mask sets-that if nanometer-scale semiconductors are to achieve both acceptable time-to-market and time-to-yield, a better bridge between these worlds is needed. The SEMI Data Path Task Force is pleased to be part of the effort to build that bridge."

Steve Schulz, president and CEO of Si2, concurred, adding that increased communication between design and manufacturing is the critical first step. "The issues of nanometer design cannot be solved without understanding the increasingly coupled, codependent relationship between the worlds of design and manufacturing. A healthy dialog, rooted in education spanning these former boundaries, will foster creative solutions that leverage their respective strengths, minimize redundancies, and ultimately enhance the capability and efficiency of both industries for many years to come. Si2 welcomes this DFM speaker series as an important step in that direction."

Aki Fujimura, general manager of design for manufacturing at Cadence, and X Initiative Steering Group member, said, "The X Initiative member companies have already seen the tremendous value of bringing the various constituents of the design-to-manufacturing supply chain together to work on advanced technologies that impact both design and manufacturing. We are excited to be able to extend this model of collaboration to the larger arena of design-to-manufacturing issues with our co-sponsorship of this speaker series."

The first event in the speaker series will be a report presented by industry veteran Ken Rygler, "Design-to-Manufacturing: The Mask is the Bridge." Rygler will present this report at the X Initiative Open Forum, held in conjunction with the FSA Suppliers' Expo on Thursday, October 3, 2002. The luncheon event, open to all, free of charge, will be held in Rooms 203 and 204 of the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Calif., beginning at 12 p.m. Pacific Time.

About the SEMI Data Path Task Force and Universal Data Model Working Group
The SEMI Universal Data Model Working Group is a standards development team supported by the SEMI Data Path Task Force and SEMI, and whose charter and scope are to isolate, define and then find solutions, in the form of standards and tools, dealing with the "bit-level interoperational inefficiencies associated with the management and use of integrated circuit design and manufacturing data."

About Si2
Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc. (Si2) provides engineering consultation and services to industry-leading silicon, electronic systems and EDA companies for synergistic, multi-company efforts focused on improving productivity and costs in the design and production of integrated silicon systems. The organization represents members throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

About the X Initiative
The X Initiative, a group of leading companies from throughout the semiconductor industry, is chartered with accelerating the availability and fabrication of the X Architecture, a revolutionary interconnect architecture based on the pervasive use of diagonal routing. The X Initiative's five-year mission is to provide an independent source of education about the X Architecture, to facilitate support and fabrication of the X Architecture through the semiconductor industry supply chain, and to survey usage of the X Architecture to track its adoption. Membership is open to all companies throughout the semiconductor supply chain.

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