ProSyst's mBedded Builder 5.0 accelerates the Development of Network based Services

1/14/2002 - With the mBedded Builder 5.0 ProSyst Software AG completes its product offer regarding the development, delivery, distribution and management of new dynamic services. ProSyst is the leading provider of Embedded Software enabling complete control, networking, and functionality enhancement of electronic devices. The mBedded Builder 5.0 is an ideal development environment for the development of OSGi bundles, Java Servlets, Java Applets, Jini Services as well as WAP- and Web- components. Due to its modular and scalable structure, the developers are able to adopt the development environment to theirs specific requirements by using Plug-Ins. Accordingly, one can consider the different development requirements in diverse branches like "Home Automation", "Automotive/Telematics" and "Industry Automation". Regarding the development of OSGi bundles, the mBedded Builder 5.0 supports developers with Wizards and the automatic generation of Java-Code. In order to meet the requirements of the developer community, mBedded Builder 5.0 includes new features like the simultaneous work on more than one project and the support of the OSGi Specifications Release 2.

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