Matrov Graphics KVM Extention to be Showcased in Sharp 4K Display

Matrox Graphics Avio F125 fiber-optic KVM extension solution will be demonstrated with the Sharp PN-K321 4K Ultra-HD LCD monitor at Inter BEE 2013 in Tokyo by Japan Material Ltd.

Distributor Japan Material Ltd. will demonstrate 4K Ultra-HD video footage on a Sharp PN-K321 LCD monitor facilitated by the Matrox Avio F125 fiber-optic extension solution at the Inter BEE 2013 show. The Matrox Avio F125 extends workstation displays and peripheral devices to remote user stations with zero compression and latency, thus maintaining system performance in demanding ultra-high resolution applications.
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VIA Technologies Introduces VAB-820 Pico-ITX Embedded ARM Board

VIA Technologies VAB-820 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board

VIA Technologies introduced the quad core VAB-820 Pico-ITX embedded ARM board. The VAB-820 module features a 1GHz quad core Freescale iMX 6Quad ARM Cortex-A9 processor. Sample units of the VIA VAB-820 Pico-ITX board are available now. The module is ideal for advanced industrial, energy management and in-vehicle applications.

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Avalue Technology Introduces ECM-BYT Single Board Computer

Avalue ECM-BYT Single Board Computer

Avalue Technology introduced the ECM-BYT single board computer. The 3.5-inch SBC supports the newest Intel Atom processor E3800 product family and Intel Celeron N2920/J1900 processor, a system-on-chip (SoC) formerly codenamed Bay Trail. The new processors, which are based on the 22nm Silvermont microarchitecture, are designed for intelligent systems and applications with low power consumption and high performance requirements.

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Microchip Technology Introduces PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Microchip Technology PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit

Microchip Technology introduced the new PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit, which enables custom application development on the PIC32 microcontrollers (MCUs) for Bluetooth and USB digital audio solutions. The Microchip development kit includes an interface for use for iPod and iPhone products, and enables expansion to support these devices. The Microchip PIC32 Bluetooth Audio Development Kit (part # DV320032) is available now for $199.99. The kit is ideal for developers who want to add high-quality wireless audio to their design.

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Texas Instruments Launches MSP430F525x Microcontrollers

Texas Instruments (TI) MSP430F525x microcontrollers

Texas Instruments introduced their MSP430F525x microcontrollers. The new TI MCU devices reduce power consumption in “always on” applications like smart phones, tablets and accessories. Developers who transfer sensor hub, keyboard control and battery/power management functionalities to MSP430F525x MCUs can create portable consumer devices that put power-hungry application processors and touch screen controllers on standby instead of draining the system’s battery. The MSP430F525x MCUs are available now. Prices start at $2.61 for 1K units.

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Portwell NANO-6060 Nano-ITX Embedded System Board Features Intel Atom E3800

Portwell NANO-6060 Nano-ITX Embedded System Board

American Portwell Technology introduced the NANO-6060 Nano-ITX embedded system board. The Portwell module is built with the Intel Atom processor E3800 (formerly codenamed Bay Trail). The NANO-6060 Nano-ITX embedded board is ideal for for medical, networking, panel PC, kiosk and digital signage applications.

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BCM Advanced Research Debuts MX280NI mini-ITX Embedded Motherboard

BCM Advanced Research MX280NI low profile mini-ITX motherboard

BCM Advanced Research introduced their MX280NI low profile mini-ITX motherboard. The MX280NI embedded motherboard features an onboard Intel Atom N2800 dual-core processor, integrated Intel Graphic Media Accelerator 3650 graphics, and Intel NM10 Chipset. The BCM MX280NI motherboard is ideal for thin client devices, display heads where the MX280NI is mounted behind the LCD panel, retail digital signage, industrial control and medical applications where space constrained enclosures and noise reduction are required.

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Portwell WADE-8078 Mini-ITX Embedded System Board Supports Intel Atom E3800

Portwell WADE-8078 Mini-ITX Ebedded System Board

American Portwell Technology launched the WADE-8078 Mini-ITX embedded system board. It is based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family (formerly codenamed Bay Trail). The WADE-8078 is the first Portwell off-the-shelf Mini-ITX embedded board product based on the Intel Atom processor E3800 product family in a SoC package with memory and PCI Express controller integrated to support one-channel DDR3L memory and PCI Express 2.0 lanes It is ideal for kiosk, digital signage, medical, defense, industrial automation and control applications.

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ADLINK Unveils AMP-204C, AMP-208C DSP-based 4/8-axis Pulse Train Motion Controllers

ADLINK Technology AMP-204C and AMP-208C digital signal processing (DSP)-based 4/8-axis pulse-train motion controllers

ADLINK Technology introduced the AMP-204C and AMP-208C digital signal processing (DSP)-based 4/8-axis pulse-train motion controllers. The AMP-204C/208C boards feature advanced synchronous motion control performance combined with point-table functionality integrating multi-dimensional interpolation. The AMP-204C and AMP-208C enable high pulse output and encoder input frequency up to 6.5 MHz and 20 MHz, respectively. The AMP-204C/AMP-208C is available now.

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