Echo Cancellation Demystified


As we have seen in the preceding sections of this article, there are many possible problems, which can arise when designing and implementing a system with an echo canceller. But there is no black art or any other magic behind the failures. The reasons for them are well known and perfectly consistent with the echo canceller internal organization and requirements. To prevent delays in the development and reduce the costs, consider designing the system to meet the requirements at the very beginning. Redesigning the whole system at the middle or last stage because of not meeting the requirements will be expensive.

Solid understanding of the basics of the echo cancellation and meeting the general requirements imposed by echo cancellers will avoid all of the echo canceller problems and therefore shorten the development time and product costs, which is always desirable.

The engineers at SPIRIT Corp hope that this little investment in the form of an article will make a good service to all parties interested in canceling echoes in their products.

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